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Financial Planning

The simple phrase has been said for years; “Some plans work. Having no plans never works.”

Not that a professional financial advisor stated the phrase in so basic of terms. However, it is noted that having any type of planning is better than not having a plan at all. A financial plan does not have to be done in volumes. It just has to speak volumes about what you want to accomplish, which we refer to as your objectives. The financial plan also provides instructions on how these objectives may be pursued.

A financial plan serves as an agreement between the client and the advisor to establish a set of instructions, a desired rate of return and the boundaries in which the advisor can work. If these things are not addressed, how can the advisor conduct themselves with your objectives in mind. We at Good Life Financial Advisors value and respect the time needed to prepare, design and follow a financial plan. We consider it one of the fundamental parts of working together and building a relationship.

In the event you have a financial windfall, the financial planning process can be available as a great starting point in the decisions to be made. Not everyone wins the lottery, however, there are many cases where settlements, estates and life insurance proceeds can become large sums of funds needing proper guidance and support for making the appropriate decisions.